"Nobody made a greater
mistake than he who
did nothing because
he could only do
a little."

-Edmund Burke

Fund Types

The Marshall Community Foundation successfully meets the National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations administered by the Council on Foundations in Washington D.C. National Standards represents the highest measure of accountability and transparency in philanthropy.

Fund Types

We like to believe that the Foundation is simply a steward of a donor’s generosity. By establishing an endowment at the Foundation, you not only impact this generation, you impact generations forever. This is no small thing.

Endowed funds last in perpetuity, meaning the principle is maintained forever while the investment earnings continue to grow the Fund over time. The Community Foundation manages all investment strategies for our endowed funds. Fund distributions range from 4 to 5 percent of the total fund amount on any given year. As of today, endowed funds are subject to a 1 percent administrative fee.

Non-endowed funds, or pass-through funds, are just that – meant to be temporary funds for special community programs and projects. These are short-term holdings with 100 percent of the principal available for granting.

Unrestricted Funds enable the Community Foundation to direct grants to meet our community’s ever-changing and most eminent needs. The Foundation’s staff and Board of Trustees evaluate all aspects of community well-being: art and culture, economic development, education, the environment, health and human services and so much more. The flexibility of your unrestricted gift enables the Foundation to respond to our community’s most pressing needs – today and forever.

Field of Interest Funds enable the donor to target community needs in a specified field, such as social services, education, health or the environment for example. When establishing a Field of Interest Fund, the donor identifies personal interest areas, and the Foundation awards grants to community non-profit agencies and programs that fit the Fund’s parameters.

Donor Designated and Agency Funds enable the donor to support the work or programs of a specific charitable organization(s).  Designated Funds are established by individuals in support of an organization, and Agency Funds are established by non-profit agencies in support of their work. 

Donor Advised Funds enable the donor to have ongoing involvement in the distribution of resources from the fund, allowing the donor to recommend grants to charitable organizations that address the community needs they care most about.

Scholarship Funds enable the donor to invest in the community’s future by helping students and educators achieve their academic and career-oriented goals. Scholarship Funds provide educational grants or awards with guidelines set by the donor who established them.

Non-endowed Project Funds provide an opportunity for the Foundation to offer service and leadership within the community. These funds – established by individuals or organizations – address community needs or projects and vary in size, activity and longevity, though most are meant to be short-term agreements.




     the simplest way

     to make a

     big difference.

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