"For it is
in Giving that
We Receive"

-Francis of Assisi


The Marshall Community Foundation successfully meets the National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations administered by the Council on Foundations in Washington D.C. National Standards represents the highest measure of accountability and transparency in philanthropy.

Enrichment Scholarships

The Marshall Community Foundation is pleased to announce the offering of scholarships providing enrichment opportunities for students and teachers of all grade levels.  The scholarships are funds provided through the generosity of donors, families and friends of the community. Be sure to check the applications for their due date.

Below you can download the complete description and application of each scholarship. If you need additional information or assistance, contact the Foundation at 269.781.2273 or

Upon completion, you may submit your application to the Foundation in the following ways:

  • Mail or drop off to: 614 Homer Road, Marshall, MI 49068
  • Upload your scholarship application and supporting documentation at our secure document submission page. Upload only one document at a time.

Please do not email scholarship applications.

Student Scholarships

The Dorothy Goddard Capman Poetry Award is awarded to Marshall Middle School students.  Each contestant may submit up to three (3) entries.  Deadline April 1

Capman Poetry Award Capman Poetry Award (90 KB)

The Don & Ruth Chadderdon Music Scholarship
 is awarded to Marshall High School instrumental music students, during high school or after graduation, seeking a career in teaching or performance, for music camps, seminars or summer programs in instrumental music,  such as but not limited to the Interlochen Music Camp.  Deadline April 1. 

Chadderdon Enrichiment Application Chadderdon Enrichiment Application (800 KB)

The Phillip R. Clissold Music Scholarship
 is awarded to a Marshall Public School (Grade 7-11) student of choir wishing to attend a Summer vocal music camp/seminar.  Deadline is April 1 and October 1.

Clissold Enrichment Application Clissold Enrichment Application (137 KB)

The Tom & Lucy Franke Education Enrichment Scholarship for Students
 provides support to Marshall Public School students wishing to participate in enrichment programs such as:  Seminars; Fine Arts, Math and Science Camps; Regional, National or International travel for educational purposes and other enrichment opportunities.  The maximum scholarship award is $500.00 per recipient.  Deadlines are April 1 and October 1.

Franke Student Enrichment Application Franke Student Enrichment Application (141 KB)

The Karissa “Kari” Hamaker Performing Arts Enrichment Scholarship
was established for students seeking additional enrichment opportunities in performing arts, such as, but not limited to:  Weekend seminars, Summer Camp or Workshops, Additional instruction and/or expenses may be consideredScholarships are awarded to high school and middle school students in the Marshall and Olivet area.  Scholarships awarded do not exceed $250.00 per recipient and are directed to the enrichment program, not individuals. Deadline is April 1.

Hamaker, Kari Enrichment Scholarship Hamaker, Kari Enrichment Scholarship (132 KB)

The Helen Mack Poetry Award
is awarded to Marshall Elementary School students.  Each contestant may submit up to three (3) entries. Deadline April 1.

Mack Poetry Award Mack Poetry Award (104 KB)

The Success Fund for Marshall Public Schools Scholarship
was established for Marshall Public Schools students seeking assistance with non-school related programs and experiences, such as but not limited to arts and STEM camps and educational travel opportunities.  Deadline is April 1.

Success Fund Scholarship Students Success Fund Scholarship Students (125 KB)

The Sullivan Family Enrichment Scholarship is awarded to Marshall area students willing to raise half of the necessary funds for participation in an enrichment activity.  The scholarship may support enrollment in activities such as Philmont National, Boy & Girl Scout Camps, Interlochen Music Camp, Close-Up program, educationally related travel, school choir/orchestra/band programs and FFA enrichment activities.  Deadline is April 1 and October 1.

Sullivan Enrichment Application Sullivan Enrichment Application (128 KB)


Educator Scholarships

The Jacob Dannenberg Education Enrichment Scholarship is awarded to Elementary School Educators at Marshall Public Schools seeking to enhance the existing curriculum with:

  • Necessary classroom/additional materials
  • Student participation in special field trips to exceptional exhibits or involvement in other educationally sound experiences
  • Guest faculty/speakers
  • Deadline is October 1 and April 1

Dannenberg, Jacob Education Enrichment Scholarship Dannenberg, Jacob Education Enrichment Scholarship (116 KB)

The Tom & Lucy Franke Education Enrichment Scholarship is awarded to teachers and counselors who need assistance in developing programs such as, but not limited to:

  • Special units in science, math or fine arts
  • For facilitating field trips
  • Developing pilot classroom projects
  • Hosting guest speakers
  • Deadline is October 1 and April 1

Franke Educator Enrichment Application Franke Educator Enrichment Application (117 KB)

The Marshall Music Fund is awarded to Educators seeking to enhance Music Programs in Marshall Public Schools.  The fund will:

  • Support all music fields including instrumental, vocal, etc.
  • Support programming for 5th-12th grade levels
  • Support programs for up to one year
  • Periodically augment Marshall Public Schools curriculum, but not as a standard practice
  • Deadline is October 1 and April 1

Marshall Music Fund Application Marshall Music Fund Application (91 KB)

The Success Fund for MPS Scholarship
is awarded to MPS Educators seeking assistance with new and innovative programs that directly impact the student experience. Awards will be renewable for educators up to three times per Scholarship requirements, or as determined by the Scholarship Committee. For scholarship renewal, applicant must prove previous success and continued need.  Deadline is April 1.

Success Fund Scholarship Educators Success Fund Scholarship Educators (114 KB)

The James and Linda Tarmnel Enrichment Scholarship provides assistance to Mar Lee School and Marshall Public Schools Educators to assist students grades K - 12 who exhibit financial need, to participate in academic, extra-curricular and co-curricular experiences within the schools and community.  This scholarship is available only by nomination from the student’s teacher and/or other school personnel.

  • Monetary awards not to exceed $100.00 and will be directed to the school
  • Not applicable for fees such as playing sports, music instrument rental, or non-school sponsored programs/activities.
  • Awards are available all year.

Tarmnel, James E. and Linda L. Enrichment Scholarship Tarmnel, James E. and Linda L. Enrichment Scholarship (776 KB)




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     positive aspects is

     the direct relationship

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