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Wilder Creek Continues Making Facilities Improvements – Now Offers Accessible Parking

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Wilder Creek Continues Making Facilities Improvements – Now Offers Accessible Parking


Wilder Creek Conservation Club members have been working tirelessly to update infrastructure and provide safer facilities for its more than 3,500 visitors annually. 

Most recently, through a $5,900 grant from the Marshall Community Foundation, the organization was able to install accessible parking and an AED in its clubhouse. 

“Over the past few years, volunteers have actively renovated the 81-year-old facility, making it safer, more accessible and appealing to everyone who visits the property,” said Dr. Jim Dobbins, WCCC vice president. “Through the generosity of the community’s individuals, foundations and corporations, our determined member-volunteers and neighbors have created a beautiful haven for youth and adults alike.”

At one time, WCCC was known more as a rod and gun club and a place to shoot trap. Beginning in 2006, the organization’s leadership set out to restore the property’s original purpose to that of wildlife and nature sanctuary. Through the efforts of many, the facilities now offer a safer, more attractive and certainly more user-friendly environment for all those accessing the property. 

“With all these improvements, WCCC has become a sought-after event venue,” said WCCC event’s calendar coordinator, Cyndi Howard. “We are now booking into 2020. With these rental fees, we are able to move closer to independent sustainability. The fees help with our operating expenses so we can offer the property to youth-serving groups free-of-charge.”

Moving closer to long-term sustainability, the WCCC recently worked with the Marshall Community Foundation to launch an endowed fund for the purpose of furthering and advancing the cause of conservation in all phases, to perpetuate and conserve minerals, water, soil, air and forest resources and to encourage the proper management and enjoyment of the total environment and to cultivate and diffuse a spirit of good fellowship among sportsman.
For more information about this – or any of the nearly 160 funds held at the Community Foundation – call (269) 781-2273 or visit www.marshallcf.org.


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