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Franke Center Children’s Theatre offers Range of Arts Education Initiatives for local School Childre

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Franke Center Children’s Theatre offers Range of Arts Education Initiatives for local School Childre

21-Mar-2019 The Franke Center’s Children’s Theater has a long history of providing production opportunities for kindergarten through 9th graders. In light of the annexing of the Albion and Marshall school systems a few shorts years ago, The Children's Theater recognized a critical need for an Arts Education Initiative to provide forums for the youth and its communities to engage in conversation and begin a healthy understanding of the issues we are facing as a combined community (i.e., racial, cultural and socio-economic barriers).

As a result, the Children's Theater committed to adding education through creative expression programs at the end of 2016.

Funds from Marshall Community Foundation were allocated to two programs within the Arts Education Initiative. Those programs are Expert Artist Workshops and the Educational Outreach Program which specifically provide programming to under-served students and schools within the Marshall Public Schools district. Additionally, The Children's Theater works with teaching artists of African American, Latin and Native American decent (to name a few).

Because Marshall Public Schools has a small percentage of teachers and administrators of color, the Children’s Theatre focuses on bringing more people of color into the schools to give continued exposure to successful, creative role models for all students. Creative Expression tools include creative writing, poetry, visual art, beat making, rapping and music production.

Due to the success of this program, the Marshall Community Foundation awarded a rare follow-up grant to the Franke Center’s Children’s Theatre to assist them in this on-going initiative.

“With the expectation that this program will become self-sustaining, the Foundation’s Board of Trustees agreed to support the initiative again,” said Shannon Tiernan, Marshall Community Foundation executive director. “We look forward to seeing subsequent data on this program – how it impacts the learning process for students; if and how it encourages students to become active participants in the arts, for example. Marshall is fortunate to have access to a wide range of arts initiatives. We appreciate the work of the Franke Center Children’s Theatre, and the plethora of other arts-based organizations who provide opportunities like this for our community.”

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