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Fountain Clinic Offers Much-Needed Health Services to Local Community

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Fountain Clinic Offers Much-Needed Health Services to Local Community


In early 2018, the Fountain Clinic received an $18,000 grant from the Marshall Community Foundation to help cover expenses associated with procedures by outside physicians, including biopsies, sleep studies, home medical equipment and outside testing such as MRIs, sleep studies and cardiac monitoring. 

“Needless to say, this grant was an immense help to us and the patients we serve,” said Fountain Clinic Executive Director, Mary Jo Byrne. “The services actually totaled $22,000 in 2018, but the grant helped us cover them.” 

“I cannot say often enough how much we appreciate the support of the Marshall Community Foundation,” added Byrne. “We are the only community in Calhoun County that has a free health-care clinic. All of us in the Marshall community should be very proud of that.” 

Fountain Clinic patients receive a free consult from the specialist they are referred to, but if they need a follow-up procedure – such as an injection, biopsy, removal of suspicious growths, for example – there is a cost. “We do try to negotiate a reduced price with the physicians, but as you can see from our totals, the costs mount up,” added Byrne. 

Often, patients need expensive tests such as cardiac monitoring and sleep studies. Though every effort is made to qualify patients for Medicaid, not all patients are eligible. 

The Fountain Clinic was able to provide these additional services to 170 patients in 2018, due in part to the Marshall Community Foundation’s support. 

To learn more about the Fountain Clinic, visit www.fountainclinic.org. 

The Marshall Community Foundation holds a number of endowed funds that support various aspects of the Fountain Clinic’s work, including the Shellenberger and Brown Family, Elizabeth McAfee Memorial and Fountain Clinic funds. If you are interested in learning more about or contributing to any of these funds, please contact the Foundation at (269) 781-2273 or info@marshallcf.org.


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